Posing Ideas for Child Photo Sessions

Coming up with posing ideas for child photography sessions, especially in the studio, can sometimes be a hold up for beginner photographers. Now that Fun Sized Sessions are my go-to photography service, I have quite a few poses and prompts I like to use to keep things from feeling too stiff or boring.

In today’s blog we’re going to take a peek at a few poses that you can use in your next session. Keep in mind that in each of the poses you can prompt the child to look at you, look away, make a silly face, and more so you have the opportunity to capture a few looks before transitioning them to a new position.

Sitting with Knees Up

Show Your Muscles

Seated with Back Towards the Camera + Turn Around

Laying Down, Chin in Hand

Lifting Fabric

Hand to Your Face

Hands Behind Your Head

If you struggle to keep posing ideas front of mind, try saving some example images to your phone to reference as needed. For photographers working with young kids on a regular basis, you might want my Mini Guide: Elevate Your Kid Photos – Tips for Photographers & Parents Who Want to Capture Genuine Smiles in Record Time.

In this mini guide, I share my top tips to help you capture genuine smiles from your kids (or your client’s kids) in record time. Don’t let those littlest clients intimidate you any longer! It’s time to move past those stiff smiles and finally capture images that encompass joy and truly represent the child for who they are in this moment in time.

We’ll cover why you shouldn’t:

  • expect perfection,
  • say cheese,
  • take yourself too seriously,
  • stay stationary,
  • shoot slow, or
  • try to be the boss

And what exactly you should do instead. Plus, I’m including three of my favorite kid prompts (not shared here) as a bonus! Grab your guide here and keep following along with the Blog for more beginner photography tips and tricks.