What Not To Wear at Your Family Photo Session

I’m a typical husband/dad, so what I wear to a family photo session is simply whatever my wife told me to wear. However, I know pulling together outfits for your session can cause stress so let’s cover a few “what not to wear” tips to help eliminate some of the struggle. 

Don’t be overly matchy.

Coordinating your fits is great. Creating a color theme for the family? Awesome. But please do not show up with every guy in the family rocking the exact same outfit. What may seem cute at the at the time will actually fall a little flat in your final images. 

Varying colors, layers, textures in the outfits will help create interest and depth. So when shopping for your next session, skip the matchy-matchy looks and opt for some coordinated fits like this family did. 

Don’t wear something you’d never wear in real life. 

I know a photo session feels like the perfect time to wear that fancy dress or try a new style, but you’ll be happier in the end with an outfit that actually reflects your personality. And let’s be honest, spending money on an outfit just for a photo session isn’t worth it. 

Look for an outfit that you’re excited to wear now and again in the future. You’ll thank yourself later. 

Don’t wear something that makes you feel self conscious. 

Feeling confident and happy is the most important thing for getting final images you love. We can all think you look amazing, but we know you’ll be your own worst critic. Pull something out of your closet that makes you feel amazing. That feeling will carry over to your images and we all know that when mom is happy, everyone is happy. 

Don’t wear anything you can’t move in.

We’ll want to move around and have fun during your session. You may be standing, sitting, kneeling, or throwing kiddos in the air. The last thing you want to be doing is figuring out how to sit down in a skin tight dress and you definitely don’t want your husband’s shirt buttons pulling apart in every shot. 

Stick with outfits that fit well without being too tight for the best experience and result. 

That’s it for my list of things not to wear at your family photo session! Ready to schedule your next family session? Reach out here to book.