Headshots VS Branding Photos: Which Do You Really Need?

Headshots and branding photos are not the same thing, but both can be extremely valuable to you as a professional. So which do you really need? Today we’re going to break down the differences between headshots and branding photos and talk about why you absolutely should invest in quality, professional photos for yourself and your team. 


Headshots are likely the images we’re all most familiar with. A headshot will typically include a plain backdrop and the subject is shot from the chest up. While headshots don’t provide a ton of personality, they do give a great professional first impression. 

Headshots are a great way to “put a face to a name”. As a professional in any industry, whether running your own small business or working in a corporate position, a quality headshot image is necessary to put your best foot forward. As an individual, a headshot can be used on your social media networking accounts (like LinkedIn), for including with job applications, on business cards, or on your website. For a business with multiple team members, headshots can make your website look more professional by creating a cohesive look as you introduce your staff to potential clients.

Branding Photos

If headshots are the first impression images (putting a face to a name), branding photos are the story telling images. Branding photos should provide others with more insight into your who you are as a person and what you have to offer professionally.

While headshots typically include a neutral, professional wardrobe and a solid backdrop, branding photos provide the opportunity to showcase your personality through your clothing choices and environment. By incorporating colors that coordinate with your brand identity (whether in the background or in your wardrobe), you can begin to build cohesive content that can be utilized on your website and social media channels. 

By interacting with a background that relates to your offerings, you can really begin to tell the story of what you have to offer or what it might be like working with you and your team. This could include images of you working on your laptop or with a client or could simply be posed photos of you inside your office. Whatever you and your photographer decide, the goal of branding photos is to tell the story of you and your business. 

Which do you need?

If you are an individual that does not own their own business, I’d recommend having at least one quality headshot to utilize on your LinkedIn and for future job applications. 

If you own your own business, I would highly recommend scheduling a branding photo session. These images will help you create a cohesive look for your website and social media feeds and ultimately elevate your brand appearance.  

If you have a business with numerous team members, you should also invest in headshots for the entire team. Again, this is to help create a great first impression as your potential clients “meet the team” online. 

If you’re in need of either headshots or branding photos in the St Petersburg, Tampa Bay, or Nashville areas, reach out here to discuss pricing and availability. 

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