My First Week as a Full-Time Photographer – Here’s What has Changed

In an instant – everything changed.

Nah, that’s a lie. There’s still parenting, photo sessions, editing, house work, and everything else that adult life brings, but there’s definitely been some positive changes that I’ve noticed in just this short period of time as a full-time photographer. Let’s talk about it.

More Quality Time

After working a full 8 hour day and still needing to edit photos for clients, I was always trying to squeeze in as much photography work time as possible. Most of that editing time occurred after the kids went to bed. Unfortunately, that meant I was often rushing the kids to bed so I could conquer that to do list. Totally unfair to them, right? Now that I’m only focused on photography, I no longer feel the desire to rush bedtime and honestly, I’m enjoying so much more quality time with the kids in the afternoons and evenings.

Less Screen Time + Better Sleep

Juggling 40 hours a week working for someone else while staring at a computer all day and then spending every moment of free time editing on a computer makes for an absurd amount of screen time. I’m sure we’ve all read an article or two about how excess screen time, especially in the evenings, can negatively impact our sleep. Now that I’m only focused on photography, my screen time has dramatically decreased and I’m sleeping better.

More Patience

With less of my time occupied by work, I’m finding that I’m more patient with my kids (even when the 9 year old is giving total 16 year old attitude or the 6 year old is melting down yet again). I’m no longer trapped in the constant feeling that there’s not enough time to get everything accomplished. That little bit of breathing room in my day makes life feel less rushed. Now that photography is my only work focus, I have more time which results in more patience towards my children. And man, what a blessing that is for all of us.

Better Routine

Having the ability to focus only on photography has allowed me to start working towards a better routine for my business. I typically work on emails and correspondence in the mornings and reserve the mid-mornings and afternoons for editing. It’s so nice to feel like I have control of my time and to be able to create new rhythms that will serve me and my clients well now that I’m a full-time photographer.

More Fun

When you’re working two full-time jobs, it’s hard to find downtime for yourself. Every night was consumed with editing so there wasn’t much time for anything other than half-watching a tv show in the background. Now that I’m only focused on photography, I’m enjoying reading (currently The Hunger Games with my son, Fisher) and playing video games again. It’s a simple enjoyment that is making me feel more like myself again.

Continuing Education

Now here’s where clients are truly benefiting from this change in my life. In just the first week, I’ve already attended a live photography webinar to continue to learn and I have plans to attend more in the future. With photography as my sole career, I’m now able to grow my skills and perfect my craft.

With that in mind, I’m off to do a Branding Session for a new client – another area I’ll be adding to my offerings soon!