The Surefire Formula to Get Glowing Photography Reviews From Your Clients

As a full-time photographer with 80 five-star reviews on Google, I understand the importance of client reviews. Not only do they boost your credibility and reputation, but they also help potential clients trust you with their most cherished moments. Today, I’m sharing our top tips on how to get those glowing reviews from your clients and make your photography business shine online.

Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

First and foremost, providing top notch customer service is key. Answer client emails promptly, be friendly, and ensure their photography experience goes above and beyond their expectations. That could be as simple as providing more images than expected or returning their galleries faster than originally quoted.

Be Relational

Engage with your clients on a personal level. Learn their names, remember details about their lives, and show genuine interest in their stories. A personal connection often leads to heartwarming reviews and repeat business. I find connecting on socials helps build that relationship as well and helps to keep your services top of mind.

Capture Unforgettable Moments

It goes without saying that your photography skills should be top-notch. Strive for excellence with each click. Make your clients’ memories look magical, and they won’t be able to resist leaving a positive review. For me, that especially means making their kids feel comfortable and capturing genuine smiles during our time together (even if they skipped a nap).

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Encourage Feedback

Don’t be shy about asking for reviews! After delivering the final photos, kindly request feedback. You can use platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, or social media, but I prefer Google. Clients are more likely to leave a review if you make it easy for them. Here’s exactly what I say when I deliver a client gallery:

“Would you mind helping me out? My business thrives off of referrals and social media contacts. I’d love it if you’d post, tag me, and spread the word on social media!

Also, if you enjoyed your experience with me, would you leave me a review? Reviews greatly help my discoverability on Google and Facebook. Here are the links!”

Ask More than Once

Most clients, if given a positive experience, want to support you by leaving a review, but remembering to do so can be difficult. Don’t be deterred when a client doesn’t leave you a review immediately. Instead, ask again. I typically ask at gallery delivery as well as two weeks following their session. I’ve never had someone respond poorly to my review requests and I’ve had 80 clients share their thoughts about my services on Google.

I’d say the ask is worth it. Wouldn’t you?

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